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3 Reasons to Hire Garden Games for Your Event

3 Reasons to Hire Garden Games for Your Event

1. Garden games can bring different groups of people together. 

Perhaps you are hiring games for your wedding, there are likely going to be guests at your wedding who know very few of the other guests (perhaps none). Having games at your wedding provides an activity hub that creates opportunities for guests to interact with one another.  

Giant Games Wedding


2. Garden games make fantastic icebreakers.

If you are having an event for example a conference you will be inviting people who don’t have much in common. Garden Games at a conference/event provide an activity for people to congregate around and allow people to introduce themselves and interact in an organic way. 

Giant Jenga Wedding


3. Garden Games are excellent for keeping the big/little ones entertained and well behaved.

If children are going to be attending your event Perth Party Games have a wide range of games that appeal to children. Our games such as Giant Connect 4 and Jenga are simple and quick enough to entertain without becoming tiresome for little people.
Adults also love our games and by having games at your event they may give some of the adults something to focus on, rather than over indulging in refreshments.
Garden games are enjoyable and fun and that’s why we believe they provide fun for both the young and young at heart.

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